Monday, June 8, 2015

Curry; カレーやさん LITTLE SHOP (curry ya san little shop)

In Shibuya, there are many restaurants regardless of distance from Shibuya Station.
Shinsen is one of the city which are many good restaurants in Shibuya.
This Time, Tokyo Geisha will introduce a curry shop ‟カレーやさん LITTLE SHOP ” in Shinsen.
Shinsen is the city which takes about 10 minute on foot from Shibuya Station.
There is always a long line in front of ‟カレーやさん LITTLE SHOP ”.
In Japan, there are many types of curry shop such as Indian curry, Thai curry, Japanese curry.
  ‟カレーやさん LITTLE SHOP ” provides Japanese curry.
The shop looks like a log home.


Tokyo Geisha ordered special curry and asked to change the rice to half portion.
The big portion of curry is very famous at the shop.
Special curry contains fried vegetables, egg sunny-side up, cheese, cabbage,deep fried chiken, deep fried pork, hijiki (kind of seaweed), deep fried tofu.
It is good for customers who want to try to kind of all ingredients.
Most ingredients are hot and fresh.

‟This is D menu” curry with big portion of vegetabels
It is good for customers who want to eat vegetabels.

After finishing curry sauce, the shop closes every time.
Opening hours is only lunch time and very short.
I hope you will like it.Gochisousama -deshita! (It is awesome!)
東京都 渋谷区円山町10
10,Maruyama-cho, Sbibuya-ku,Tokyo